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Besides all the bug fixes, there must be other features that simplify building. 

One point was, for example, fences and other objects, which must adapt to each other in the grid. The system works similar to the walls. If objects of the same type lie at the cell, corners or intersections are created. This makes it much easier now to draw nice fences without changing the orientation of each piece. 

The same system is now applied to kitchens. Work surfaces fit together with corners, and ovens or sinks can be placed on their respective objects like windows. Of course, only the difference between the surface and the object is then deducted.

We have also worked on the biomes. Some of the building surfaces in the game were uneven, which had as a negative consequence that the meshes overlap and are partially visible in the buildings. Unfortunately stupid work that is monotonous, but must be done sometimes.

Also internally in the scripts was cleaned up a bit to get even more performance out. A small tip for those who also develop for mobile platforms: Make sure that your game uses as little memory as possible, as this can vary greatly. To avoid unnecessary memory. Set the resolution of each image individually in Unity. In many cases, the naked eye can't tell the difference and you can save a lot of space on the device.

We'll talk to you next week and don't forget to wishlist the game Architecture in the Google Play Store:


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