Architecture-Last Steps

Hi there!

Not long now and the game Architecture is to be released. This week we finished the last features and fixed more bugs. 

Now you can also see the properties of a quest immediately before it has even accepted. This makes it easier to decide whether the quest is at all attractive. You can also see in which biome the quest will be accepted. 

On our Trello board there were still some points to work on. 

For example, cars are destroyed after they get stuck in a certain interval. However, we have not yet taken into account whether the player is currently driving the car through the city. If the car is destroyed, the player remains stuck in the ground. To prevent this, we ask beforehand if the player is in the car and lerp him to the starting position first. 

Furthermore, the UI has been optimized in many places to make it more user-friendly. In some places, the player was missing information that was essential for the construction of the buildings. Sometimes it's hard to make the game understandable to the player, because as a developer many functions seem self-evident. 

Finally, one more thing: A problem that had plagued us for a longer time was to integrate variables into a text. This is increasingly due to the fact that languages variate in their grammar. To solve this problem, there is now a formatter, which changes the text based on the variables.

We will let you know the exact release date in the coming weeks. Probably next month depending on how fast we can fix the last things. A small hint from you also came to not launch on a weekend. Thanks for the tip.

See you next week ;)

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