-Architecture-language formatter

Hi there!

The release of the game is coming soon and there are still some small things to improve.

First of all, the game is expected to be released in four weeks on Saturday. If we unfortunately could not work off our last points until then, it would also be possible that it is delayed a bit. However, we are confident that it should work.

This week we mainly wanted to adjust the languages and translate the tutorial better. Our language system also supports the integration of external values like numbers. However, numbers need to be represented differently in the sentence. An example would be the sentence: There are problems on the fourth floor. Or there are problems on floor four. Such words must be replaced correctly, so for each number a corresponding function is called, which evaluates this.  

We have also fixed a bug in the memory system. Accordingly cells containing doors are now also stored correctly. As a result, the algorithm for detecting the connection of rooms after buildings have been reloaded also works.



Have a great week and we will keep you updated before the release.

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