-Architecture- New 3D models

Hi there!

In addition to our game programming, we have also been working on new 3D models  for the last few weeks. They will be included into the game and are a great addition to the models we already included.

The new models may not all be that "low poly" (e.g. the clock, attached to this post), but in our oppinion are looking great and do match the games style. We also added a whole set of 3 towels, so you finally can dry your hands in the kitchen or bathroom. 

Additionally we added a trampoline and a swing model, so you finally have some more options to build and decorate your garden. Furthermore the new models will make your houses gardens more colorful and therefor family friendly.

This week we may not included new features, but we may were able to fix some bugs. We think new models are important so you get a selection of objects you can build once the game is released.

What do you think? Which models have to be included into the game before it will get released?

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And have a nice week and stay tuned for the next devlog.

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