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Recent updates

Architecture -Alpha Release
Hi there! This devlog is pretty short, as we want to let Architecture speak for itself. Feel free to download the game at
Architecture-Alpha Release First September
Hi there! The time has come. On September 1 at 4 pm Architecture will be released in Alpha. Let's talk now about what to expect and what's next: In the alpha, i...
-Architecture- new Objects
Hi there! This week we have accomplished a lot again. Meanwhile, 114 objects can be placed in the building system, which are now all translated. Above all, ther...
-Architecture- Connection Elements
Hi there! Besides all the bug fixes, there must be other features that simplify building. One point was, for example, fences and other objects, which must adapt...
Architecture-multicolor windows and events
Hi there! This week, in addition to the improved destruction tool, there have also been enhancements in the point of graphics and the scope of the game. Over ti...
Architecture-Last Steps
Hi there! Not long now and the game Architecture is to be released. This week we finished the last features and fixed more bugs. Now you can also see the proper...
-Architecture-language formatter
Hi there! The release of the game is coming soon and there are still some small things to improve. First of all, the game is expected to be released in four wee...
-Architecture- New 3D models
Hi there! In addition to our game programming, we have also been working on new 3D models for the last few weeks. They will be included into the game and are a...

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